3 Steps to Never Get Cat-Fished Again

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3 Steps to Never Get Cat-Fished Again

In the world of online dating, to win the heart of a beautiful creature, your stories needs to be told with a face; a face with conviction, love, and can be felt even from a distance.

Dating online is a pleasurable and exciting experience, especially when your dream partner is at the palm of your hands. But do not be deceived, it can also be a football ground for identity thieves and all sorts of nasty people. You have every right to fall in love, it is natural and it’s an important decision to be made by you, but you need to choose carefully to avoid Catfishing.

But what exactly is Catfishing? 'Catfishing' started with the 2010 movie "Catfish", where a man was tricked into a relationship using identity theft and all sorts of scam activities went down. So, catfishing simply means the act where people take up a fake personality, fake voice and putting up fake photos to win someone’s affection.

Now the question is Why Do People Catfish? There are so many motives on earth why people catfish. An example is that some people do it to catch fun and escape boredom, another variety involve in it out of a craving for revenge or to cyberbully, while a higher percentage are into it for financial incentives and out to commit fraud.

Below is the storyline of a catfisher —or someone you met online who’s pretending to be who they are not with a fake identity and steps you can use to fish them out yourself.

Their Social Life Isn’t Very Social

Even the worst social media users still get birthday wishes or tagged on photos from their friends. So if you’re involved in premier dating sites or any other social media platform to communicate with people, then it is compulsory that you use all of the identification features such as requesting for more pictures, license cards or valid passports and even specific instructions like taking a picture while eating a banana in order to determine if the person you’re talking with on the other side are real.

They Will Never Agree To Use a Cam

Who doesn’t have a smartphone or at least a computer; thanks to modern technology. We know basically that having a face-to-face conversation with someone can be very tasking, especially when they’re miles away. To know a real catfisher, ask them every time for a video chat or a series of selfies, but when they constantly keep coming up with unnecessary excuses, then know you might have a catfish on hand. However at times, not everyone is tech-oriented to use a cam, so you might want to cut them some slack, but this is one of the best methods you can use to help you avoid been catfisher. Premier Dating Sites like the ForeverWeLove.com and a few others also help with advanced security measures such as monitoring and approving photo uploads manually, and deleting and suspected attempt of catfishing permanently from their site.

Go For the Best the Secure Online Dating Platform

This is actually your starting point when going into the world of online dating. There’re few amount of quality, secure and catfished free premier dating sites out there, so you need to be careful with your selection and go for the best.

I would recommend ForeverWeLove, one of the America’s Premier and secure online dating site ever created. Their community offers a high level of secured features that will not only prevent anyone from ever being catfished but to aid you with the lifetime opportunity to meet unique people and for a fresh beginning.









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