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Christian Singles, the premier dating site for Christian singles worldwide, is undoubtedly the best place for single Christian women and single Christian men to meet.

The online dating world is fraught with challenges and opportunities to stray from a righteous path.  Dangerous and misleading men and women with deceptive motives lurk in the shadows on other dating sites, pretending to be Christians to sway Christian singles from their convictions.  The current dating landscape makes it nearly impossible for good Christian singles to find others who share their faith and values. aims to change that and provide a place where single Christian women and single Christian men can connect without worrying about exploitation or rejection based on their beliefs.  Instead of fear, promotes trust in God’s plan for all members and encourages members to share openly of themselves to find their intended mate.

If you’re a Christian single who has found yourself exhausted by the bar scene, disgusted by the frequency of ungodly hookups, and frustrated by efforts to destroy God’s plan for humanity, then is meant for you.   We take our responsibility seriously and have a rigorous process to ensure that only true believers can use this site.

ForeverWeLove creates matches between single Christian men and single Christian women that can eventually lead to a God-ordained marriage.  We employ our hi-tech proprietary matching algorithm to connect singles with the most compatible believer, resulting in life-long partnerships in Christ.   With numerous other exclusive perks, including a 24-hour prayer line and free life coaching sessions, ForeverWeLove is designed to help carry out God’s work on this earth.

ForeverWeLove welcomes all Christian singles that are serious about living out their commitment to God in all of their interactions.  Join today and let ForeverWeLove set you on the path to a Godly marriage!

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