• What is online dating?

      Online dating services allow singles in search of love, romance, or companionship to meet and communicate online, outside of traditional methods.

    • Do online dating websites work?

      People use online dating services for many different reasons, with varying levels of success. Some users find what they are looking for; however, users who find compatible partners are the ones who are willing to dedicate time and effort to the process. While an online dating service can make the search far more efficient, it can't do all the work for you, nor can it create potential matches without adequate criteria from the user. Your success will likely depend on your dedication, as well as the number of available singles in your preferred geographic area.

    • What features does ForeverWeLove.com offer?

      In addition to hosting a database of profiles and allowing members to exchange messages through the ForeverWeLove.com internal communication system, the website offers live video chat, live voice chat, email messaging, recorder messaging (Video/Voice) and instant messaging. The high-tech 2.0 proprietary matching on ForeverWeLove.com features a unique algorithm system to match members.

    • What is the purpose of the ForeverWeLove.com website?

      The ForeverWeLove.com website exists as an online platform for the sole purpose of presenting an avenue for single, unmarried Christians to connect with other single, unmarried Christians to establish new friendships, or to find a like-minded, life-long spouse who has matching beliefs and values. ForeverWeLove.com fosters building relationships and connecting single, unmarried Christians in communities globally. ForeverWeLove.com is a 100% Christian dating website, designated for profile creation by unmarried individuals for only male seeking female or female seeking male searching and matching [as identified in the terms of use].

    • Am I required to be a paid subscriber to establish a profile?

      No, users may become a ForeverWeLove.com website subscriber without paying for a platinum or gold subscription.
    • What are some of the features of the ForeverWeLove.com website?

      The ForeverWeLove.com Website is interactive and employs various features for users including live instant chat messaging, video chat, video recorder and audio recorder options (platinum only), specialized search features such as live video and audio messaging and more.

    • What accessibility and features are available for ForeverWeLove.com unpaid subscribers?

      Users who are unpaid subscribers (Forever Standard) on ForeverWeLove.com website have the ability to create a profile with a unique username and password, access the ForeverWeLove.com website, update their profile, search for other subscribers, show interest with "likes", and access the 24 hour automated prayer line.
    • What accessibility and features are available for ForeverWeLove.com paid subscribers?

      Users who are paid subscribers on my ForeverWeLove.com website have the ability to create a profile with a unique username and password, access the ForeverWeLove.com website, update their profile, search for other subscribers, show interest with "likes", access the 24 hour automated prayer line, access the weekly live prayer line, send messages to any subscriber, initiate an instant message with any subscriber, Connect with live video (platinum only) send a video message (platinum message), send an audio message (gold and platinum).
    • What are the options for subscription periods?

      The standard ForeverWeLove.com subscription is free and is an indefinite profile until cancelled by the subscriber. The gold and platinum subscriptions are paid subscriptions which are available with the following options: one day, one week, one month, two months, three months, six months, and 12 months. The gold and platinum subscriptions will revert to a standard subscription at the end of the paid subscription, if the subscriber has not established an auto renewal for his or her account.
    • Do first time subscribers on ForeverWeLove.com; get a free seven day platinum membership with unrestricted access?

      There are many promotional codes offered on ForeverWeLove.com for first time subscribers and current members. ForeverWeLove.com offers a seven day free platinum membership to first time subscribers and that promotional code is provided on the ForeverWeLove.com sign-up page in the explainer video. Also, anyone interested in joining ForeverWeLove.com and utilizing a free membership discount code or other discount code may conduct an online search for “ForeverWeLove.com Promo Codes.”
    • Is it true that members get a free 30 day Forever Platinum Membership on their birthday month?

      Yes. All paid subscribers/members receive a free 30 day Forever Platinum Membership on their birthday month, as long as they have purchased at least a 30 day Forever Platinum Membership, prior to their birth month.

    • If I have a Forever Standard membership, can I message someone?

      No, you cannot message another member when you have a Forever Standard membership. You can show interest in them and add them as your favorite. You must upgrade to a Forever Platinum or Forever Gold membership to utilize the premium communication features.
    • Do Single Christian Veterans or current active duty military Single Christians have to provide proof of service before they can get the 50% off veteran discount?

      Single, Christian, Veterans or active duty military members can sign up for a free standard membership; but if he or she upgrades to the Platinum Membership and want to utilize the Veterans discount, the DD 214, VA Identification card, a copy of his or her military Identification, or service letter must be faxed as proof of service, after the upgrade is completed. The supporting proof of documentation must be faxed to: 1-844-472-7729.
    • How can I make my profile more appealing?

      It's important to create a profile that accurately represents you. Don't be vague in your description of yourself. Be truthful and as detailed as possible, ensuring you address (at a minimum) information about you--including your interests, your purpose for joining ForeverWeLove.com, and the qualities you are seeking in a match. Additionally, ensure that you have up-to-date photos that reveal various sides of your personality. Upload a photo that shows you smiling, one that shows you with a serious look, and one that shows your full body, a photo that shows you at an event. Remember, every photo should show a clear and visible image of your face.
    • How long should I talk to someone before meeting in person?

      There is not a definitive timeline for establishing an in-person meeting with someone you initially met online. However, in person meetings should only occur after both individuals are comfortable. Furthermore, it's always a good idea to plan the initial meeting in a public, in a well-lit location.

    • How do I delete my account or switch off my profile?

      First, you must go to the top right of the ForeverWeLove.com website and click on the settings, then click "profile settings". Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will have the option to click the "click here" link to switch off your profile which will deactivate it or you can select the option to delete your profile by clicking the "click here" link on the corresponding line. If you switch off your profile, you will be able to switch it back on but if you delete your profile, everything including all pictures, messages, purchase history and any other ForeverWeLove.com user history will be deleted and cannot be restored.
    • Is it possible for individuals to search for someone of the same gender on the ForeverWeLove.com dating site?

      No. ForeverWeLove.com is an exclusive Christian dating site and does not offer the possibility of same-sex searching or marching, which is clearly stated in our terms of use. We hold firm and true to 100% of the principles and precepts of the Holy Bible, which is the written word of God and do not deviate.
    • What are actions that I can take to potentially receive more matches and/or interest from other ForeverWeLove.com members?

      Recommendations include completing your profile in its entirety, to include the complete questionnaire. Doing so, allows other members to learn about your personality and interests. Additionally, it is recommended that you enter the most accurate "Forever Tags" and keywords that best describe you and your interests (i.e. God, artistic, sports, wife, marriage, writing, etc.) The more Tags you create that match other members, increases your visibility and affords an opportunity for additional insight regarding you; which should result in more matches and potentially, more contacts. Remember, it two people must be involved in the communication process.
    • Do I have to provide my credit card information in order to use the Promo Code offered for your free Platinum or Gold memberships or other discounts?

      No. Subscribers or users are not required to provide credit card information to take advantage of any of our promo codes that are associated with free ForeverWeLove.com “Forever Gold” or “Forever Platinum” access.
    • Are there recurring charges to my credit card after my initial membership expires?

      No, there are no recurring charges to your credit card, after your membership expires. Only ForeverWeLove.com subscribers can decide to renew expired subscriptions manually or the subscription will expire as scheduled, when subscribers choose not to renew.
    • Do I have to be a paid member to see the photos of people I may be interested in on ForeverWeLove.com?

      No, you can browse the photos and profiles of members of the opposite sex without being a paid subscriber.
    • It is true that ForeverWeLove.com perpetually offers new subscribers either a one week or two week Platinum Membership, depending on the promotion?

      Yes, it is true that we offer promo codes whereby new users and subscribers can receive a one week or two-week Forever Platinum Membership, depending of the Promo offer.