RSS Feed Our RSS feed for the latest website news en-us Mon, 17 Jan 2022 14:22:09 PST Mon, 17 Jan 2022 14:22:09 PST True Love Is Always Unconditional — Ask God—-Ask-God/index.html <p>&nbsp;If you are a true believer who is committed to <a href="">dating for marriage</a>, then you need to prioritize finding a partner who strives to embody unconditional love.&nbsp; In today&rsquo;s world, God&rsquo;s model of love has been cast aside by the countless people who have been led astray .. Dating for Marriage as Christian Singles <p>Having a virtuous marriage can be one of the ultimate ways to honor God and live out his plan for us here on Earth.&nbsp; However, it can sometimes feel overwhelming when <strong><a href="">dating for marriage</a></strong> as a Christian single.&nbsp; In today&rsquo;s day and age, many people have los.. The 1, 2, Test & See Principle for Single Christians Dating,-2,-Test-&-See-Principle-for-Single-Christians-Dating/index.html <p>One of the biggest struggles facing true Christians today is finding other believers who are also seeking a virtuous marriage. It&#39;s all too easy for <a href="">Christian singles</a> to fall for the allure of people who are charismatic and attractive, but who are not believers in Jesus Christ.&nb.. Sixty Five Percent of Men and Forty Five Percent of Women Don’t Desire to be Married. What Will You Do?’t-Desire-to-be-Married-What-Will-You-Do/index.html <p>The world we live in today has created the perfect storm for sin and temptation to lead many people astray.&nbsp; We can see this taking many forms, ranging from high divorce rates to people having children out of wedlock and having sexual relations before marriage.&nbsp; One of the most jarring statistics out there is that 65% of men and 45% of.. Dating for Marriage is the Best Way for Serious Minded Christians <p>Before officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, the woman who is now my wife and I dated for six months. Yes, I know that some of you are thinking we&rsquo;re crazy. How many<strong> Christian singles </strong>wait six months just to &ldquo;go steady&rdquo;? Well, the reason we waited so long was that we were <a href="https://www.foreverwel.. Your Best Valentine’s Day Date EVER!’s-Day-Date-EVER/index.html <p>If you don&rsquo;t have a special someone to spend your Valentine&rsquo;s Day with, February 14th can either feel kind of gimmicky, annoying or even downright depressing.&nbsp;</p> <p>The only thing worse than spending Valentine&rsquo;s Day alone is spending it on a bad date with someone you have no future with.</p> <p><strong>If you want ..