ForeverWeLove.com Website Usage Terms

The ForeverWeLove.com Website is an online platform established for the sole purpose of presenting an avenue for singles to meet other singles, establish new friendships or to find a like-minded, life-long spouse who has matching beliefs and values. The ForeverWeLove.com Website is interactive and employs various features for users including direct messaging, video chat options, specialized search features and more. ForeverWeLove.com fosters building relationships and connecting single Christians in communities globally. ForeverWeLove.com is a 100% Christian dating website designated for profile creation by unmarried individuals for male seeking female or female seeking male matching only.

The ForeverWeLove.com Mission

1. The ForeverWeLove.com Website

1.1 Terms and Conditions Acceptance

The use of the ForeverWeLove.com Website is provisional upon acceptance of the ForeverWeLove.com Usage Terms. Use of the “ForeverWeLove.com” website signifies acceptance of the Usage Terms, irrespective of whether the member registration form is completed. Executives and/or the authorized representatives for “ForeverWeLove.com” may modify the Usage Terms at any time; in such cases, a changed version of the Usage Terms will be placed on the website, accordingly. “ForeverWeLove.com” users have a responsibility to ensure the Usage Terms are reviewed regularly. If a user doesn’t agree to these Usage Terms, they must refrain from use of the ForeverWeLove.com website.

1.2 User Agreement

These Usage Terms establish the ForeverWeLove.com agreement; established between a user and Forever We Love (“the Company”) in deference of you using the Services and Website (the "Agreement").

1.3 Contact

This website is run by the “Forever We Love, LLC” a United States registered company. It is possible to contact a representative at Forever We Love via one of the methods below:

Website support form: Click here support@foreverwelove.com (this option gives quickest response)
E-mail: contact@ForeverWeLove.com
Telephone: + 800.493.5683 (4WELOVE)
Fax Number: + 800.593.5683 (5WELOVE)
Mail: 9375 E Shea BLVD # 100, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260


2. Membership

2.1 Eligibility

In order to register as a member of ForeverWeLove.com or to make use of the ForeverWeLove.com website you must be at least 18 years old. If you use the ForeverWeLove.com website, you signify, agree to and confirm you are authorized and able to enter into this Agreement and to fulfill all ForeverWeLove.com’s Usage Terms.

2.2 Establishment of the Contract

When you register as a ForeverWeLove.com member, you enter into a legally binding contract with “Forever We Love” in regard to the ForeverWeLove.com website, regardless of whether the services utilized or the agreed upon membership is free or a trial membership. Membership features can be upgraded at any time. However, users must choose customized features; membership terms, and enters a method of payment. Selection and submission of the “Authorize Payment” button, during the membership upgrade-process, executes a compulsory contract for the selected ForeverWeLove.com membership option to upgrade, at the price indicated, at the time of purchase.

2.3 ForeverWeLove.com Membership

(i) ForeverWeLove.com Users can become a ForeverWeLove.com service member free of any charges. Free membership only entitles ForeverWeLove.com members to partake of selected features that are offered as a portion of the ForeverWeLove.com Service. ForeverWeLove.com members desiring to access additional features, must be a paid subscriber of the ForeverWeLove.com premier Service. Accordingly, use of additional ForeverWeLove.com premier features is contingent upon paying for the associated ForeverWeLove.com premier member fees.
(ii) To protect ForeverWeLove.com site users, ForeverWeLove.com users acknowledge and agree not to sign up for or become a ForeverWeLove.com website member if previously convicted of an unlawful offense or felony. By signing up for ForeverWeLove.com membership, users affirm and signify to Forever We Love and their authorized representative that you have not been found guilty of an unlawful offense or felony, and further attest that you are not obligated to be registered as a sex offender with any type of government authority.
(iii) You acknowledge currently that Forever We Love, LLC does not characteristically commence background checks, confirm info provided or do a criminal record check on ForeverWeLove.com users. However, Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives have the right to do a government sponsored or independent investigation and background check on any or all of ForeverWeLove.com members, to ascertain users have not breached any warranty, as well as to ascertain whether representation(s) is/are false. Users of the ForeverWeLove.com website consent to permitting Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives to do such an investigation and Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives reserve their right to reject and/or end a ForeverWeLove.com user’s membership, if a user breaches any warranty or if the user’s representations are erroneous.

2.4 ForeverWeLove.com Membership Fees and Plans

ForeverWeLove.com Membership plans and any required associated fees are listed on the "Premier Membership" page. Premier Membership fees are subject to being changed; such changes will be placed on ForeverWeLove.com website “Premier Membership” page. ForeverWeLove.com users acknowledge variances in regard to membership fees may exist between locales in which variances reflect costs that can be applied to a specific locale and / or additional commercial circumstances pertinent to that locale.

2.5 Trial periods and other gratuities

Any ForeverWeLove.com trial period, exempt membership fee period, or supplementary promotion which affords free admission into the ForeverWeLove.com Services that ordinarily require fees, must be utilized during the specified trial period. ForeverWeLove.com users / members must cancel their membership enrollment for the Paid for Service(s) before the ending of any trial timeframe. Else, ForeverWeLove.com users must submit payment for the Paid for Service(s), following the trial period expiration.

2.6 Payments on ForeverWeLove.com

(i) Though some Services exist at no cost, ForeverWeLove.com users concede that any Paid for Service(s) can only be used by Premier Members that have an upgraded membership (fee based) which is valid. Premier Membership can be attained by paying rates listed on the “Premier Membership” page, for the duration specified and secured with the payment method(s) indicated on the “Premier Membership” page.
(ii) ForeverWeLove.com users’ membership is renewed automatically. ForeverWeLove.com users can opt out of having their account under auto renewal, whenever desired. ForeverWeLove.com users who do not opt out, will have their subscription auto-renewed for the period specified. ForeverWeLove.com users can cancel auto-renewal by doing the steps listed in the directions in the ForeverWeLove.com website “Help” section.
(iii) Premier Membership prices may be changed whenever desired by owners of the website. ForeverWeLove.com new rates will start if ForeverWeLove.com users / members sign up for a brand-new [or renewed] subscription after the new price info is listed on the ForeverWeLove.com website. An auto-renewal of existing premier memberships will stay at the previously contracted rate.
(iv) Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives has a right to briefly or forever suspend a payment made with a ForeverWeLove.com user’s / member’s credit card and/or communicate with a member, their bank or any additional pertinent third party to report that kind of strange actions and/or get other info, on the occasion of mistrustful payment activities.

2.7 Password Security on ForeverWeLove.com

ForeverWeLove.com users are required to specify a password, when signing up during the member registration process. ForeverWeLove.com users are totally responsible for choosing a unique, complex password and for safely retaining your password. ForeverWeLove.com users agree they won’t transfer or resell their use of or admission to the ForeverWeLove.com Website to a third party. If ForeverWeLove.com users / members suspect their account may no longer be secure, users / members are required to instantly inform Forever We Love representatives and must punctually alter the password by bringing their account info up-to-date.

2.8 Identity Verification on ForeverWeLove.com

Forever We Love representatives may periodically request some sort of documentation to confirm:
(a) A user’s / identification of a member;
(b) any info given by a user / member;
(c) A user’s / member’s billing info or payment info; and/or
(d) A user’s / member’s compliance with the ForeverWeLove.com Usage Terms.

2.9 Payments on ForeverWeLove.com

If Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives provide a recurrent billing capability for membership fees to be paid that apply to whichever membership plan a user selects, they authorize the Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives to charge the appropriate fees on a recurrent basis (inside of a realistic time before expiration of a membership that is current). In those instances, Forever We Love will discontinue to charge any fees, upon receiving a user’s written notice to terminate such authorization. Such notices shall not impact charges completed prior to Forever We Love could practically have acted. Regardless, ForeverWeLove.com users / members must provide [and regularly update] up-to-date, complete and correct info so that membership fees are charged appropriately.

2.10 ForeverWeLove.com Payment Services Usage Terms

While using a third-party payment service, ForeverWeLove.com users must agree to take and obey any terms and applicable conditions of the applicable services of any third-party payment.

2.11 Terms for Memberships Known As: Premier-Silver, Premier-Gold and Premier-Platinum

Please be conscious of the fact that ForeverWeLove.com members who are paid members, are divided into three Premier tiers: Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Only premier Platinum members can use instant video messaging, as well as use advanced match services, and can add the notes feature to show off their profile. The option for membership is chosen by the User at registration and can be modified, based on the applicable terms.

3. The ForeverWeLove.com Service

The ForeverWeLove.com Services are designated as an Internet-based info service platform that offers an online environment for interaction between members who might or might not be looking for a friend or some kind of relationship. ForeverWeLove.com does not broker marriages and is not a place to get a mail order bride, nor does it do matchmaking. Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives are not obligated at all to negotiate for any of its members or users.

4.1 Assumed user risk

ForeverWeLove.com users / members acknowledge that any usage of the ForeverWeLove.com Service / the Website is exclusively at their individual risk.

4.2 Correct info

ForeverWeLove.com users / members signify, guarantee and accept that the info and pictures that are supplied to the ForeverWeLove.com Service / Website and Forever We Love is/are correct in all details, do not breach this Agreement and do not harm anyone in any manner. Without foregoing the above, ForeverWeLove.com users cannot communicate or place on the ForeverWeLove.com website, any pictures containing:
1. pictures of anyone except you;
2. pictures that do not appropriately represent your current appearance (unless specified);
3. Nudity;
4. Images with personally identifiable info;
5. Images of additional objects not containing you;
6. Copyrighted material(s);
7. Any cartoon or drawing (no matter if of you).

4.3 Info that is not private

ForeverWeLove.com users / members agree any materials or info given, barring and excluding Personal Info (such as full name, mailing address, phone number, etc.), the usage of which is administered by the ForeverWeLove.com’s Privacy Policy, will be regarded as non- private and not proprietary. Thus, this type of material or info may be used with no restrictions. Precisely, ForeverWeLove.com users / members agree to the use of this kind of material or info (to include their profile info, photos, video and/or audio recordings) to reproduce your profile into any additional applicable dating website Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives own or operate. ForeverWeLove.com users / members concede that any material like this or info given by ForeverWeLove.com users / members is accessible by another member or user of the ForeverWeLove.com Website to review, regardless of the location of the viewer.

4.4 Copyrighted material

ForeverWeLove.com users / members affirm that all of the copyrighted materials that exists in any form or info given by a member to ForeverWeLove.com is allocated to ForeverWeLove.com’s usage that fits into these Usage Terms’ scope. Members must not post, send or elsewise give any kind of material or info where someone or some entity owns the copyright and they promise that all types of material and info given is their own work and not taken from any sort of third-party.


4.5 Legal access

ForeverWeLove.com users / members are required to make sure their admission into the Website and usage of the Service(s) is neither illegal nor forbidden by laws which apply to you. ForeverWeLove.com users / members are exclusively accountable for the lawfulness of their actions according to all laws applicable to them.

4.7 Exposure to Viruses

ForeverWeLove.com users / members must take individual precautions to confirm the procedures utilized for opening the ForeverWeLove.com Website do not cause exposure to a risk of getting computer viruses, malevolent computer codes or another form of intrusion which could harm a computer system. Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives are not responsible for any intrusion or harm to a user’s computer system that happens due to any connection with using the site’s Services, the ForeverWeLove.com Website and/or any kind of Linked Website.

4.8 Profile Content

(i) ForeverWeLove.com users / members are exclusively responsible for the contents of their profile, communications, videos and/or audio recordings along with additional materials uploaded or transmitted to additional members/users of the ForeverWeLove.com Service.
(ii) ForeverWeLove.com’s users / members agree not to upload or place on their profile or ForeverWeLove.com Website any material that is:
(a) rude, lewd, blasphemous, offends, sexual in nature, threatens, harasses, racist, not proper or elsewise not appropriate as determined by our solitary discretion; or
(a) Portrays, defines, classifies or refers to anyone besides yourself.

4.9 Interacting with other members

ForeverWeLove.com users / members are exclusively accountable for interacting with additional members of ForeverWeLove.com Services.

4.10 Negative agreements

You signify, authorize and promise:
(i) Not to reveal info given to you via the Service to someone without prior consent of whomever gave it to you;
(ii) Not to use the ForeverWeLove.com Service to participate in any harassment method or offensive conduct, to include but not restricted to the delivery of any material that is offensive sexually or racially or is rude, intimidating, uncouth, indecent, irritating, defamatory, malicious, slanderous or otherwise objectionable, illegal or against the law or any type of product that oversteps or disrupts someone else’s rights (to include, but is not restricted to, privacy or intellectual property rights);
(iii) you won’t use the website Service(s) to participate in any group carnal activities or to petition for contact so you can have extra-marital meetings or have affairs, petition or take place in forms of prostitution or such actions that could be illegal in the country you live in;
(iv) you won’t pretend to be someone or fake how old you are or if you are married or not, or put fake info into your profile that can mislead someone any way;
(v) you won’t gather or amass e-mail addresses or additional contact info from other website users on the Service(s) by electrical or additional ways or use its services to send spam, chain mail, junk mail, or participate in any kind of unwanted mass delivery of e-mail;
(vi) you won’t use the Service(s) or the Website(s) for any unlawful commercial reasons;
(vii) you won’t petition or try to get money, a bank account or any credit card info or private financial info from any website members or additional users of the Service(s) or the Website(s);
(viii) you won’t send monies or give any monetary info to anyone you have talked to or met in regard to the Website. Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives will not be accountable for any type of loss whether monetary or elsewise you suffer because of doing these things due to doing them. You will report a person who tries to get money or get monetary info by communicating with customer support or employing the “report abuse” ability in a member’s profile;
(ix) you won’t petition or try to get other members’ passwords;
(x) you won’t use the Service(s) to issue, endorse or otherwise print any type of material encompassing any request for money, adverts or requests for any goods or service(s);
(xi) you won’t harass people by keeping up attempts to connect with another member who has plainly asked that you don’t try to contact them;
(xii) you will not post or transmit material which contains viruses or other computer codes, files or programs which are designed to limit or destroy the functionality of computer software or hardware;
(xiii) you won’t post or send in any fashion any info used to contact other members, to include, with no limits, their e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, instant messenger identifications, Facebook user names, URLs, or whole names via any info posted publicly;
(ivx) you won’t use robot or computerized bots for logging into the Service(s);
(vx) when talking to the customer service workers on the phone or interacting with them via other ways, you won’t be rude, indecent, blasphemous, offend someone, or be preoccupied sexually, threaten, harass someone or be a racist or perform any kind of conduct that is seen as being offensive conduct. You will come to an agreement that, if you get involved in conduct that is offensive, which only the website officials can determine, we have a right to instantly end your membership. Additionally, you won’t be eligible for any type of refund of any payments gotten from you;
(vxi) All users/members of our sites must be older than 18. We have zero tolerance for any member trying to get involved in cybersex of any sort, sexual messages, or sexual interaction with any underage person. If we are notified that any member is undertaking an illegal or unsuitable communication with an underage person, we can report the details of this to an apt Law Enforcement Agency.

4.11 Notice of Infringement of Copyright

(a) Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives respect others’ intellectual property rights. If a member encounters any content exhibited on our Website that you believe is owned by yourself or some third party person, and the material is being shown in a way violating or appearing to violate a copyright you own or some other kind of intellectual property rights or intellectual rights that belong to a third party person, you can send a warning by giving the subsequent info to Forever We Love Executives and its authorized representatives:
 (i) Your contact info – to include the address, phone number, and e-mail address;
 (ii) A physical signature or an electronic signature of whomever is approved to take action on behalf of the copyright owner or additional intellectual property interest;
 (iii) A portrayal of the copyrighted item or additional intellectual goods which has or is alleged to have been infringed;
 (iv) Website name where the alleged infringing items are at;
 (v) An explanation of which website page the alleged infringement is at;
 (vi) A declaration from you that:
  (A) summaries your good faith belief the doubtful usage is not sanctioned by the owner of the copyright or given, under consequence of perjury, that the info given in your announcement is precise and given in good faith and you own the copyright or intellectual property or are sanctioned to take action regarding the owner of the copyright or intellectual property’s behalf.
(b) Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives directs a “takedown” process after getting the note 4.11(a) refers to above. Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives can at any time inactivate or eliminate access to any item that appears on our Website claimed to institute infringement action or is based on the truths and evidence had by Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives.

4.12 Use of Images

Besides the requirements in clause 4.5, by giving any photos, other materials, info or any content to Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives, members accept and agree Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives can:
 (a) copy, use, duplicate, make, show, dispense and exploit that material, info or content;
 (b) make copied works of it, or incorporate it into other material and additional media, the material, info and content; and
 (c) give others a license for the same rights given to Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives in (a) and (b) shown above, and members agree to all such usage, to include, with no limits, for any kind of publicity or marketable purposes. Members also understand they have the authority to give the type of consent mentioned to in that clause.

4.13 Mail Order Bride Marriages

Our Website doesn’t, and will not be taken to, by any means, help, obtain, endorse or deliver any "mail order bride" type of marriage-match making service to members. Members acknowledge the authority given in your place of residence could forbid advertising services that match marriages or soliciting people to participate in a marriage. Members living in the Philippines, Belarus or other jurisdictions which ban services to match marriages to its inhabitants, you thereby warrant, signify and promise not to use our Service(s) or our Website for any such reason in breach of any laws barring matching marriages. Members thereby concede and agree it is their responsibility alone to make sure not to breach this kind of law about matching marriage, and additionally thereby concede and agree the indemnity listed in clause 18 applies to your breach of any law barring matching marriages.

5. Info

5.1 Monitor Info

We reserve our site’s right to screen all member profiles, communications, chats, instant communications, videos and/or audio recordings to make sure they obey all the necessities of these Usage Terms. To make sure our site provides the top level of service(s) and the online environment that is the safest for our members, we have involved third parties to create online security functioning status for our members. Giving members this security necessitates collecting some types of non-personal info from a member’s computer or additional device they use to go online and use the websites. Members specifically acknowledge and approve to us collecting that info, whether it is done directly or by a third-party security provider, of some kinds of non-personal info which will be used only to ensure our online environment is safe and secure for members. Nevertheless, no personal info is collected, we make sure any third party we hire for security services uses the top data protection methods and the best privacy standards.

5.2 Editing Info

While we don’t and can’t read every message or other item posted or transmitted by Service members, and are not accountable for any part of those communications or materials, we have the right, but aren’t under obligation, to erase, transfer or edit communications or materials (to include profiles, communications, videos and/or sound recordings) that we, in our solitary discretion, believe breaches these Usage Terms or is elsewise undesirable.

5.3 Security of Info

Regrettably, no transmission of data via the Internet is guaranteed to be completely secure. Though we endeavor to safeguard data, we don’t guarantee and can’t make sure of any transmitted info’s security that you send to our site. So, any transmitted data to our site is done so at the member’s own risk. However, after getting your transmitted data, we perform realistic steps to keep the info safe and secure.

6. Restricted Usage

Except if members are told in writing otherwise, they get website address that is only to be used for their own personal usage. Any business, group, organization or company is not allowed to register as a member. Members are allowed to print off copies of any existing data on the website to use personally unless that action is specifically forbidden.

7. Direct Internet Marketing

Members all approve and agree Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives can make use of and release Personal Info Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives collect for the reason of direct Internet marketing.

8. Communications

Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives reserve the right to transmit e-mail to members about any alterations or things added to our Service(s) or about any items and service(s) of Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives and its allied businesses.

9. Ads

9.1 Sole Obligation

Obligation for the contents of adverts (if any) which appear on our site (counting hyperlinks going to the publicist’s own sites) stays exclusively with the publicists. The placing of these adverts doesn’t establish any recommendation or authorization of the advert's products or services by Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives. Each publicist is exclusively accountable for any depiction made along with its ads.

10. Ownership of Intellectual Property

Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives retain all rights, titles, and interests in the Service(s) and Website, as well as the conforming intellectual property rights, as well as reserving all rights which are not clearly given.

10.1 Copyright Facts

Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives own and are licensed for all copyright regarding the Service(s) and the Website (to include any written words, illustrations, logos, icons, audio recordings and computer software). Except for the reasons for, and subject to the circumstances prescribed under, the Copyright Act 1968 and comparable regulations that apply in a member’s location, and excepting as specifically approved by these Usage Terms, members can’t in any way or through any methods:
(a) Adjust, copy, store, dispense, print, exhibit, perform, print or generate copied work from any section of the Service(s) or Website; or
(b) Commercialize data, products or service(s) gotten from any section of the Service(s) or Website; unless permission is given.

10.2 Trademarks

Excepting where stated otherwise, any works or devices where the TM or ® symbol is attached, is considered to be a registered trademark. If members use any trademarks Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives own in regard to our actions, products or service(s), members are required to include a declaration giving Forever We Love executives and their authorized representatives credit for the trademark. Members are not allowed to use Forever We Love trademarks:
(a) Inside in its entirety or as a part of their personal trademarks;
(b) Along with actions, products or service(s) that aren’t ours; (c) In a way that could be unclear, deceptive or dishonest; or
(d) In a way that criticizes Forever We or its data, products or service(s) (including with no limits, the Service(s) and Website).

11. Websites Links

11.1 Links given only for convenience

Our Website might have links that lead to additional websites. Those website links are given only for convenience and might not stay current or be sustained. We are not accountable for any materials or privacy practices connected to these Website links.

11.2 Not Endorsement

Our connections to website links should not be interpreted as an endorsements, approvals or recommendations by Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives of these website links’ owners or operators, or of any data, illustrations, contents, products or service(s) mentioned or contained in these website links, except and to the degree specified to the contrary. We suggest you go over the Usage Terms and privacy policies of any of these website links before using them.

12. Privacy Policy

We will obey the terms of our Privacy Policy that ca be found on our Website and these terms can be altered at times in order to obey appropriate laws and/or our procedures.

13. Website or Services Sales

Members agree and consent that, should Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives sell the Website, the Service(s) or its company (or any portion of it) or if any changes occur in the control of Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives, Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives can reveal, assign or elsewise handover Personal Info, Sensitive Info and any additional info transmitted onto the Website or Service(s) (to include photos and members’ public profiles) to the buyer or new governing entity or person, in order to provide the Service(s) and direct marketing to members. Members accept and agree the new buyer or new governing entity or person can be in a different country than a member’s country, and members agree to have their personal info transferred to countries different from their own resident country.

14. Disclaimers and Liability Limitation

14.1 Consumer’s rights according to Australian Consumer Law

For persons under Australian jurisdiction, they have a series of remedies and rights according to Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

14.2 Promises for goods and service(s) for individual, domestic or domiciliary use or consumption.

Under Australian jurisdiction, when goods or services of a type normally used for individual, domestic or domiciliary consumption are supplied by the website, the consumer promises given by the ACL have no limits and are not at all excluded.

14.3 Guarantees for goods and service(s) not intended for individual, domestic or for domiciliary usage or consumption

Under Australian jurisdiction, when we provide goods or services that are not for individual, domestic or for domiciliary usage or consumption, but that cost not more than $40,000 the consumer guarantees are thereby limited to:
 (a) When it comes to goods:
 (i) Replace or supply with goods that are equivalent;
 (ii) Repair of defective goods;
 (iii) Pay for these goods replacements or for getting goods that are equivalent goods; or
 (iv) Pay the cost to repair goods; and  (b) When it comes to services:
 (i) Supply the service once more; or
 (ii) Pay to have services provided once more.

14.4 No warranties with regard to correctness

As stated in clauses 14.2 and 14.3, we don’t show anything or offer any warranties stating any material or info gotten via our Service(s) or via our Website (to include any member’s profile, guidance, opinions, statements or additional info exhibited, uploaded or dispersed by Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives or any other member or person or entity) is dependable, precise or complete or that a member’s access to any Service(s) or our Website will be continuous, on time or safe. Our site is not accountable for any kind of loss due to any action made or dependence made by a member on any info or material given via the Service(s) or via our Website. Members need to make their own investigations before they act or rely on any info or material appearing via our Website. Members acknowledge any dependence on any kind of material or info will be at their own risk.

14.5 No warranties with regard to obtainability

As stated in clauses 14.2 and 14.3, we don’t guarantee our Service(s) or Website will be continuous or contain no errors. The Service(s) are provided through an "as is" basis. Postponements, omissions, and disruptions in its availability of any Service(s) or of our Website. Where law allows, members acknowledge that any Service(s) (as well as obtainability of the Website) are given with no warranties of any sort at all, either expressed or implied, to include, but does not only mean any indirect warranties of merchantability and suitability for a specific reason.

14.6 Implied warranties are excluded

To the degree law allows and as stated in clauses 14.2 and 14.3, any disorder or warranty that otherwise is implied through these Usage Terms is hereby excluded. If the law suggests any condition or warranty, and the law stops us from leaving out or changing the submission of, or our what our liability is under, any kind of condition or warranty, then the condition or warranty will be considered included, however, our liability shall have a limit for a breach of the condition or warranty to one or more of the subsequent things:
 (a) if breach pertains to goods:
 (i) Replace said goods or provide equivalent goods;
 (ii) Repair said goods;
 (iii) Pay to replace said goods or acquire equivalent goods; or
 (iv) Pay to get said goods repaired; and
 (b) Should breach pertain to Service(s):
 (i) Supply the Service(s) again; or
 (ii) Pay to have said Service(s) provided again

14.7 No Liability is given for loss

We don’t accept being responsible for any type of loss or damage, no matter what caused it (to include negligence), that could be directly or indirectly suffered that is connected with a member’s usage of the Services(s), the Website or any websites linked to it, and there is also no acceptance of any accountability for any kind of loss coming from a member’s usage or dependence on, info contained in or retrieved via Website or its Service(s). To avoid doubt and so as not to limit the generalization of the preceding:
(a) Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives does not accept any accountability or obligation for any kind of direct, indirect, hesitant, secondary, special or significant damages coming from or that is connected in any way with a member’s usage of the Service(s) or Website or via any postponement or failure to use the Service(s) or Website, or related to any info, products and additional services gotten via the Service(s) or Website, or otherwise arose from the usage of the Website, no matter if based on a contract, neglect or additional offence, strict liability or elsewise, even though Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives were advised of the chance of such kinds of damage;
(b) Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives don’t accept any kind of accountability or obligation for any info or material submitted to the Service(s) or Website nor accept any accountability for any usage or misusage of any info or kind of material submitted to the Service(s) or Website through additional members/users;
(c) Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives don’t accept any kind of accountability or liability for any member’s/user’s conduct when they use the Service(s), to include not limiting any conduct causing physical harm to someone.

15. Precise Warnings Concerning Online Dating

15.1 Possible Risks

Members acknowledge risks exist in an online dating platform, to include and not limit, naively dealing with minors or people acting under a fake purpose or for unlawful purposes. Members agree they must undertake all essential protections when talking with or meeting up with the other members/users, particularly if there is a decision for you to meet them in person. Furthermore, members agree they should look over our safety tips for online dating before making use of our Service(s).

15.2 No warranty regarding member’s identities

Members acknowledge user authentication online is very hard. Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives cannot and do not promise each member/ user of the Service(s) is whomever he or she says. Additionally, Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives cannot and do not promise member profiles are dependable, correct or complete. Therefore, members have to take care with their dealings with other members/users of the Service(s) or Website.

16. Communications

Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives reserve their rights to transmit e-mail to members in regards to fluctuations or things added to the Service(s), or any of the products and services connected with Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives and affiliated industries.

17. Termination

17.1 Agreement in affect for members

This Agreement shall stay in full force and effect during the time someone is a member of the Service(s) or they elsewise make use of the Website.

17.2 Membership Termination by Member

Membership can be terminated for any cause, at any time, and will be effective instantly after we get your termination notice in writing. The termination can be sent to the address listed in the Contact Us section of our Website, or can be send via email to the e-mail address shown in our Contact Us section, or can be achieved by just clicking onto the Turn Off Your Membership link found in the members' section. No refunds are given if you terminate membership.

17.3 Special rights of termination applying to some residents of the US

The following provision applies to residents of Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio or Wisconsin when they subscribe:
(a) You can cancel the Agreement, with no penalties or obligations, any time you wish within three (3) business days of your subscription to paid service(s) (Cancellation Period). If you wish to cancel this Agreement, a signed and dated notice must be sent via registered or certified mail stating that cancellation or words that mean that you are cancelling. This letter must be sent to the Forever We Love Mailing Address. If the cancellation letter is sent within the Cancellation Period, Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives will refund, within the prescribed time frame, any expenditures made that apply to this provision.
Residents of California, Illinois, New York, or Ohio when they subscribed, have the following that applies to them:
(b) Should a member die prior to the end of their subscription period, their estate will be entitled to getting the part of the refund the deceased member made for their subscription allocable to the timeframe after their death. If a member becomes severely disabled (and can’t use the website) prior to the end of their period of subscription they will be entitled to getting refunded with the part of any monies paid for a subscription allocable to the timeframe after their disability by giving Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives notice via the subsequent address shown:

17.4 Ending of member’s access to Service(s)

We might, in our total decision, block, end or suspend a member’s access to a section or all of our Service(s) without an announcement at any time we desire for any purpose, to include with no limits, any kind if fake, abusive, or elsewise unlawful actions, or anything that could elsewise affect members’ satisfaction with the Service(s).

17.5 Ending of a membership by us

We can instantly end a membership and that member’s access to the Service(s) whenever we decide (in our total discretion) a member has violated this Agreement. The termination notice will be send to that member’s last known e-mail. Any fees that were pre-paid pertinent to the timeframe after membership was ended will get refunded to the member after any costs or loss by Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives connected with the terminated member’s membership.

17.6 Deactivation for lack of use

A member’s account will be deactivated if they don’t use it for six months in a row, unless their payments are current and active.

18. Insurance

To the degree law allows, members agree to indemnify, protect and hold Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives, along with its affiliates, and its related bodies corporate, the shareholders, appointed officers, its workers, agents and other representatives harmless from and against any/ all claims, losses, damage, taxes (to include GST), obligation and/or expenses (to include legal charges on a full indemnity basis) which could be suffered by Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives, along with its affiliates, any related bodies corporate, the shareholders, the officers, the workers, agents and any representatives that arise out of or connected with:
(a) Any violation by a member of these terms;
(b) Any illegal usage of the website connected or related to a member;
(c) Any violation by a member of any type of law; and
(d) Any action or omission done by a member connected to the website.
Members agree to cooperate completely in any claim’s defense. Forever We Love reserves their right (but are not obligated) to undertake the exclusive defending and controlling of anything elsewise subject to indemnification by a member, so long as the member remains liable for any of these Claims.

19. General

19.1 Failure to Comply

Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives does not accept any liability for a failure to comply with these Usage Terms when such a failure is because of circumstances not possible to control.

19.2 No Waivers

If Forever We Love waives any rights accessible by them under these Usage Terms on a single occasion, it does not mean those rights are automatically waived at any other time.

19.3 Severability

If any one of these Usage Terms are held to be not valid, can’t be enforces or are not legal for any reason, the rest of these Usage Terms will endure in full force.

19.4 Agreement Language

This Agreement’s language is English. In places Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives have given a translation of the English form of the Agreement, members agree the provided translation is for their convenience solely. If any inconsistency exists between the Agreement’s English language version and any translation, the prevailing version is the English language version.

19.5 Variations

Forever We Love reserves their right to alter these Usage Terms occasionally. Alterations will be effective instantly on notification via the Website. A member’s continued usage of the Website after such a notification will signify an agreement by a member to be bound by these Usage Terms as modified.

19.6 Assignments

Members shall not give any of their rights according to this Agreement or in deference of the Service(s) or Website to a third-party. Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives have a right to assign any/all its rights and requirements under the Agreement or to the Service(s) to a third-party. During the election of Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives, if Forever We Love's duties according to the Agreement are taken over by a third-party, Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives will be relieved of any/all its liability according to this Agreement.

19.7 Relationships

Members agree there is not a joint undertaking, partnership, service, or agency affiliation that exists between members and Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives due to this Agreement or their usage of the Service(s) or Website.

19.8 Governing Laws

(a) Users living in Germany must agree this Agreement is administered by the current laws of Germany and they agree they must submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the German courts.
(b) Users/members living in the European Union countries besides Germany must agree this Agreement is administered by the current laws in the UK and agree they must submit to the exclusive authority of those courts belonging to that jurisdiction.
(c) Users/members living somewhere elsewhere than the United states agree this Agreement is administered by the current laws of the United States and must submit to the exclusive authority of the courts there.

20. Definitions

In these Usage Terms, the subsequent expressions mean the following:
"Claim" means, regarding a person, claim, a demand, a remedy, a suit, an injury, damages, losses, costs, liability, actions, proceeding, right of action, compensation claim or liability reimbursement acquired by or to be made or gotten by or against a person, but it arises and if determined or undetermined, or instantaneous, in the future or conditional;

"Commercialize" means to exploit, sell, endorse, develop, assimilate, study, retail and do any other action for a profit or a reward;

"Personal Info" means Info or opinion (to include info or some opinion making portion of a database) if true or false and if recorded in materially or not, on someone whose identity is certain or can rationally be determined from the Info or opinion, and comprises Sensitive Info;

"Paid Services" means the accommodations and Service(s) made obtainable for monetary-paying website members having a legal subscription;
"Privacy Policy" means Forever We Love’s privacy policy, which is shown on the Website;

"Sensitive Info" means:
 (a) Info or opinion on a person’s:
   (i) racial or ethnic basis;
   (ii) political opinion;
   (iii) membership in any political associations;
   (iv) religious belief or affiliation;
   (v) philosophical belief;
   (vi) membership in any pro or trade associations;
   (vii) membership in a trade union;
   (viii) sexual preference or practice; or
  (ix) criminal records, which is additionally personal info;
 (b) Info on person’s health; or
 (c) Genetics info on a person not considered to be health related.

"Service" means the accommodations made obtainable b members through the Website; "Website" means this website that Forever We Love owns and operates;

"Usage Terms" means these Usage Terms as revised by Forever We Love occasionally, which create the agreement between members and Forever We Love;

"We", "us" and "our" all denote the Forever We Love Executives and their authorized representatives.

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